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Drabble … “A Man’s Best Friend is … “

Man's best friend has an undeniable kindness

Man’s best friend has an undeniable kindness. Pity it doesn’t go along with the name.

“A Man’s Best Friend is … ”


He’d seen it for only a moment. Large, white, gliding across the water. And then it seemed to sink. Gone. It looked like a downed weather balloon. But the sinking wasn’t like a balloon filled with … ? He walked along the beach, hoping to get another glimpse. He saw water surging, bubbling up, and then … Nothing. A family on a day’s outing was enjoying the sun further on. A boy played with his puppy. He strained to see any more evidence of the “balloon”. John Drake walked on. He heard the boy calling, “Rover! Here boy!” A boy and his dog.