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“To John Drake”

Students for a Democratic Society (2006 organi...

Students for a Democratic Society. Sometimes the enemy is homegrown, like the SDS. Sometimes the enemy comes from the “other side”. And sometimes they accidently cross paths. Guess who got caught in the middle?

It had been an interesting day for our agent, Mr. John Drake. The SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) had planned well. The assassination of Senator Gailen had nearly been successful. If Drake hadn’t noticed that one, and only one, second story window was open by inches he would never have seen the sun reflect off the tip of the rifles barrel. Two minutes more and the Senator’s car would have been in range with the Senator an easy target. Drake had pushed a trash can into the street causing a bus, coming from the other direction, to swerve. It was enough to stop traffic, and just in time. The SDS member must have realized what was happening and had attempted to retaliate by squeezing off a shot before FBI agents, and the area, streets, buildings, roof tops, crawled with them disguised as janitors and city workers and pedestrians and more, had pinpointed the room via walkie-talkie once Drake had pointed to the window. It had all happened in a mater of moments. Quick, jerky movements now playing on a screen of memory. The bus driver had seen him push the trash can into the street. In a string of Italian profanity he had run towards Drake, waving his arms and gesturing wildly. Our agent was still intent on the window. He saw the barrel of the rifle turn towards him, he saw the bus driver move between him and the window, and with only inches and a split second to spare had pushed the driver down as the shot rang out. The envelope had been slid under the door of his hotel room. He saw it as he walked through the door. On the outside it said, in block letters, “To John Drake”. It read …

“Mr. Drake, today you do a good deed. I am here on business, perhaps you hear about it later. I knew nothing of the assassination attempt on the American senator. Maybe these Americans will be taking care of themselves and save us the trouble. I was however in the wrong place and at the wrong time. I almost did not recognize you dressed as city maintenance worker. Thank you for pushing me away from the bullet. Perhaps some day I return the favor.”

And it was signed “Georgio”.