Go here for more about The Prisoner and the chance to share your own thoughts … https://www.facebook.com/ThePrisonerAdmirationSociety

Go here for articles, news, fan fiction and more … http://www.theunmutual.co.uk/

Go here for Danger Man information galore … http://www.danger-man.co.uk/

Go here to visit the official Prisoner fan club site … http://www.sixofone.co.uk/

Go here to read ALL the scripts from The Prisoner, including a few that weren’t used … http://leethomson.myzen.co.uk/The_Prisoner/

Go here to learn more about the man behind it all, Patrick McGoohan … http://www.patrickmcgoohan.org.uk/

Go here to visit the official Portmeirion web site. Welcome to The Village … http://www.portmeirion–village.com/

Go here for information about the impact The Prisoner has had on our culture … http://eg.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Prisoner_in_popular_culture

Go here for a couple of free PDF downloads about Mr. McGoohan … http://findpdf.net/documents/patrick-mcgoohan.html

Go here to watch all of “The Prisoner” episodes online for FREE! … http://www.crackle.com

Go here to watch all of the “Danger Man” episodes online for FREE! … http://www.1channel.com

Know of a great link you’d like to share? Leave a reply …

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