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Odd Thoughts

Blofeld in You Only Live Twice (Donald Pleasen...

Blofeld in You Only Live Twice (Donald Pleasence), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Telly Savalas), Diamonds are Forever (Charles Gray) and Never Say Never Again (Max Von Sydow). Just a thought, but maybe John Drake/Number Six could use one of these. You know, an arch-enemy. Gee, I wonder …..

Sometimes I think they’re the only kind I have. Odd thoughts that is. Anyway … There are certain characters, Village residents, that stand out for me. Because of things said by these characters, or their general attitudes, I’ve always wondered how and why they ended up in The Village, both certain warders and certain prisoners. So I’ve been working on what I think their histories COULD be. Well, back to the odd thoughts. While looking through the various Villager’s history books I keep coming across John Drake‘s history. And something occurred to me. There is a kind of blank spot there, of a different sort. Sherlock Holmes had his Moriarty, James Bond had his Blofeld, even Maxwell Smart had Count von Siegfried. So this is Mr. Drake’s blank spot.  Who did HE have? Maybe, every once in a while it would be good for our secret agent man to have someone show up, his “other side” match and espionage equal, just to keep him on his toes. And who knows? Given time this other side counterpart might even end up in The Village. If they do I wonder if they’ll be a warder? Or a prisoner? Or if we’ll even be able to tell? Of course, given the life span of a secret agent on either side, they may never live long enough to make it to The Village. Life is SO filled with uncertainties.