Often people that criticize your life are usua...

Development. In Danger Man the character of John Drake is, over time, filled out nicely. In The Prisoner Numbers Six and Two, especially Leo McKern‘s Number Two, are dealt with and fleshed out rather well. We get to know them, we see their characters, their emotions, and have an idea about what drives them. But there’s more here than Drake and Two. We see others that, while highly visible, are kept in a kind of void. We see them its true but we never get to know them. John Drake, Number Six, Number Two, you, me, we all have history. So I’m going to try something a little different. I’m going to get to know these people, share their lives. I’m not sure just how many of the Village residents I’ll deal with. Over time I’m sure of three in particular. Who are they? Well, wait, give it some time and we’ll get to know these people together. It might be an enjoyable get together. And then again, we might end up knowing more than we want to.

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