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Prisoner (TV series)

“Freedom is a myth.” Quote, Patrick McGoohan.

At about the same time that The Prisoner TV series was at its most popular back in the 60s a series, trilogy, of books was published about the further adventures of Number Six. They brought him back to The Village and the scenario began all over again. The books were not well received by fans. I have them, I’ve read them, I understand why they weren’t popular. But they did give rise to some rather ingenious plot devices, the ideas being either poorly developed, left hanging, or mentioned in passing and never heard of again. There was one in particular, in the second book, concerning a discovery made by Number Six not far offshore from The Village. I thought it a fascinating twist that could easily lead to a wide variety of “what ifs” and “maybes”. Sadly, the discovery was mentioned and then forgotten about. Until now. Why leave a good idea in mothballs? So I’m working on a story now to explain the discovery, although I had to have Number Six discover it all over again in order to make it work, the original discovery having been so caught up in the main thrust of the original story. At this point I know where our story begins and, honestly, have no clue beyond the beginning.  Maybe that’s why its been in limbo since around ’68 or ’69. So my grey matter is on “charge” and my imagination trying to work over time. Keep your fingers crossed and at some time in the not to distant future (I hope) look for … “Deep Six.” Til then, BCNU.



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